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Choral Excerpt from Mahler Symphony No. 2 – New Arrangement for trombone choir

David Fetter has made a new arrangement for eight-part trombone choir a choral passage in the final movement of Gustav Mahler’s Symphony No. 2.  The passage in the full score extends from Rehearsal No. 31 to No. 39.  It begins with the initial entry of the chorus with its call to a new life and its assurance of souls rising.

Hear an electronic file of this Choral Excerpt from Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 “Resurrection”

Available from Hickey’s Music Center.

Ron Barron Performs David Fetter’s “Situation Update” with The Eagles Community Band

Ron Barron premiered the band version of David Fetter’s Situation Update with The Eagles Community Band in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in November 2016, conducted by Carl Jenkins.

Hear the performance on YouTube.

The video opens with narration by William Corby.  Movement 1 is at 1:27.  Movement 2 is at 4:40 and Movement 3 is at 9:25.

The Eagles Band commissioned Fetter to arrange the piano accompaniment of the work for the concert, which celebrated the Band’s 80th anniversary year.

See Eagles Community Band

Situation Update has been published by Cherry Classics.


Barron at P 2015 9 14 JO RB LW1Ron Barron, retired Principal Trombone of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is seen here as he performed David Fetter’s Situation Update with pianist Lior Willinger at the Peabody Conservatory in a master class in September of 2015.


Barron presented the world premiere of Situation Update in March 2015 in a solo recital in Richmond, Massachusetts, seen here with pianist Larry Wallach.


At the recital Fetter offered comments about Situation Update.


The first movement, marked Swift, is The Devil’s Swagger as he celebrates the human fouling of planet earth.  He would lend us a hand, but we’re doing fine on our own.  He can only gloat and strut in agitated envy.

In the second movement, Longing, the human turns inward in reflective and at times passionate meditation.  The human finds great comfort and sustenance in its belief that it is the center of the universe.  The third movement, Exit Music, is the Devil’s struts in triumph as the humans march off the edge.  A poignant art song fills a lull, but it is trampled by more humans.

Eric Ewazen, who took part in Barron’s 2015 concert as pianist in his own Songs of the Sun for trombone and piano, wrote later:

“I had the pleasure of hearing Ron Barron play David Fetter’s exciting and virtuosic new work for trombone and piano, “Situation Update.”  David’s music allows the trombonist to sing and soar in 3 contrasting movements filled with vivid colors, beautiful and expressive harmonies, and a wonderful flowing rhythmic energy.  The outer movements crackle with energy, showcasing the amazing technique of soloist Ron Barron, as the melodic line shifts and changes with playful abandon, while the middle movement is heartfelt and lyrical, with beautiful melodic lines, supported by resonant, gorgeous harmonies.  The work is a real tour de force and rightly deserves to take its place as a significant addition to the trombone repertoire.”

Elysian Trombone Consort in West Coast Premiere of Fetter’s Elysian Suite

In November 2012, the Elysian Trombone Consort performed David Fetter’s new Elysian Suite at the University of Southern California, hosted by faculty member Terry Cravens, who later wrote, “They played it and we really liked it.” “Excellent work and challenging too!” The four movements in the Elysian Suite are: Fanfare (hear this on YouTube), Wind Chime, Gongs, and March. The members of the quartet are Timothy Anderson, Chad Arnow (bass), Brett Shuster and Nathan Siler. The ETC also presented the Elysian Suite at the 2013 International Trombone Festival, held in Columbus, Georgia, in the US. Hear the performance on my Compositions page.