Mahler Symphony No. 2 Choral Excerpt and Final Passage – Two New Arrangements for 8-Part Trombone Choir

David Fetter has made a two new arrangements for eight-part trombone choir of choral passages in Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony.

The first arrangement is titled Choral Excerpt from the Finale of Symphony No. 2, and is a setting of the hushed initial entry of the chorus, with its assurance of souls rising to a new life.  In the full score the passage extends from Rehearsal No. 31 to No. 39 and occurs at around 1:15:00 in YouTube concert performance videos.

Here is an electronic file of Choral Excerpt from the Finale of Mahler’s Symphony No. 2.

The second arrangement, Symphony No. 2 Finale, begins at Rehearsal No. 42 in the full score and continues complete to the work’s powerful close.  This passage begins in some YouTube concert videos at around 1:28:00.

Here is an electronic file of the second arrangement, Symphony No. 2 Finale.

The arrangements are available from Hickey’s Music Center.

Choral Excerpt from Finale of Symphony No. 2   Time 5:30   Score and parts $16.00

Symphony No. 2 Finale   Time 5:30  Score and parts 18.00